Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Weakness.

So today was pretty much the perfect day:

Got up late, watched a bit of Gilmore Girls (that stuff is like catnip for me, man), went thrifting, bought some magazines. Pretty much the 4 things that make a great day!

So anyway, i used to buy books a lot,  but recently due to decreasing amount of non-busy hours, i've switched to buying magazines.  That andt he advent of Magnation opening stores in little old NZ. 

Today i bought... March Australia Vogue- i'm not a HUGE fan or anything (i like paris better!), but this drew me in with its free DVD of Lagerfeld Confidential. Yay for free things! plus i've really wanted to see that for ages. I watched it today, and it's really interesting- Karl comes off as being serious about his work but also very aware of his transience. hmm. Plus he turns out to be pro-prostitution, and makes the film-maker very uncomfortable when he dares to skirt arounf the word "homosexuality". Haha. He actually totally sasses the documentary guy.  

I also bought Lula Six, for joy and happiness, for i love Lula with a passion. Generally i would not class myself as a girly girl, but Lula makes me weak at the knees. Plus this had an article on Clemence Poesy, Feist AND Alison Mosshart, so I had to buy it. 

I'm taking it in little gulps right now, but i can see that this Lula is an excellent issue! Go buy it NOW if you haven't got it already. For serious. 

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