Friday, February 15, 2008

Carrying on.

In light of my last post about (beloved) Luella, i though i'd share one of my most favourite thrifting moments.

More than a year ago i was flicking through the t-shirt racks of my local thrift warehouse, which has a notoriously bad designer section. To clarify, they let all the really excellent designer stuff be marked cheaply along with stuff from k-mart- leaving the "designer" section empty, but the rest of the store a hit-and-miss treasure trove. This generally means you can get great stuff for under $10 NZD. 

Anyway, there i was, half-heartedly flipping the t-shirts through, not expecting anything, just thinking- "fuck, who chooses the radio station in this place? the music is terrible!"- when there it was:

The Luella Pirate T-shirt of my DREAMS>

I hugged it to my chest really tightly before verifying that it actually WAS a Luella tee, then i paid for that thing as quick as i could (just in case some staffer came up and re-priced that sucker for $40 or something) and practically ran to my car, feeling a little giddy and lightheaded.  To most people, finding this ^  wouldn't be a big deal. But given that i'm:

a) A uni student, thus poor.
b) From New Zealand, where ebay doesn't usually ship for under 30 bucks (if at all).
c) Someone who lusts after completely unattainable items, i.e Luella shirts when nowhere in NZ stocks them. 

So i can only say that the stars must have been aligned that fateful day, bringing me into joyous union with Mr. Pirate. And though it doesn't get worn often (he is, how do i say.. delicate? much loved?), he marks my first EVER piece of designer clothing, and also marks the beginning of my addiction to thrift stores. He will never leave me. 

and yes i go back to the unnamed thrift outlet often (read: chronically), and have found other extreemely covetable items, due to the staffs' ignorance of major labels. oh well, more for me (she says gleefully)!

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