Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Weakness.

So today was pretty much the perfect day:

Got up late, watched a bit of Gilmore Girls (that stuff is like catnip for me, man), went thrifting, bought some magazines. Pretty much the 4 things that make a great day!

So anyway, i used to buy books a lot,  but recently due to decreasing amount of non-busy hours, i've switched to buying magazines.  That andt he advent of Magnation opening stores in little old NZ. 

Today i bought... March Australia Vogue- i'm not a HUGE fan or anything (i like paris better!), but this drew me in with its free DVD of Lagerfeld Confidential. Yay for free things! plus i've really wanted to see that for ages. I watched it today, and it's really interesting- Karl comes off as being serious about his work but also very aware of his transience. hmm. Plus he turns out to be pro-prostitution, and makes the film-maker very uncomfortable when he dares to skirt arounf the word "homosexuality". Haha. He actually totally sasses the documentary guy.  

I also bought Lula Six, for joy and happiness, for i love Lula with a passion. Generally i would not class myself as a girly girl, but Lula makes me weak at the knees. Plus this had an article on Clemence Poesy, Feist AND Alison Mosshart, so I had to buy it. 

I'm taking it in little gulps right now, but i can see that this Lula is an excellent issue! Go buy it NOW if you haven't got it already. For serious. 

Friday, February 22, 2008


Is this not the same girl in my last post? It was posted by The Sartorialist in his column on, a couple of days ago!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


...are so addictive. Just been through several years of The Sartorialist. Its like i can't stop. 
anyway, there is this girl he has posted 4 pictures of, and i think that she is just gorgeous! 

Her name is Eva Fontanelli, and she is just so effortlessly chic that i think The Sartorialist was right when he commented that she is like a new Audrey Hepburn.

 She's actually making me re-think wearing high-waisted pants for gods sake! thats the power she is holding over me right now.

I'm pretty sure that the last pic is of the same girl, but do correct me if  i'm wrong!
All pics from The Sartorialist

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

black on black on black

Hannah Frieden, (can't remember), milk, Ulla Johnson, Style Bubble,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chan Marshall

Me and a friend are going to see Cat Power early next month so i though i'd do a little post on her! She wears a lot of jeans (who doesn't?), and is a fan of menswear style. But then again she also seems to rock Chanel pretty well too.  Without sounding too lame or "thinker-ey", she feminizes menswear and androgynizes womenswear, which is a pretty damn good place to be in my opinion. 

I can't wait until the concert! it's going to be rad. 

Monday, February 18, 2008


Just saw this editorial from the latest issue of Jalouse. They are my perfect mix of hard/soft...

Scans by Unipine from TFS

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Went thrifting  at the Salvation Army today, and along with some other good stuff, i picked up these beauties.. 

Usually it's quite hard to find nice shoes in my size because my feet are quite small, but these are perfect. They are all supple and non-blistery, and have a nice little heel on them. 

plus they were $1.50, so it's all good.

Friday, February 15, 2008


mmmm.... sooooo good. 

Carrying on.

In light of my last post about (beloved) Luella, i though i'd share one of my most favourite thrifting moments.

More than a year ago i was flicking through the t-shirt racks of my local thrift warehouse, which has a notoriously bad designer section. To clarify, they let all the really excellent designer stuff be marked cheaply along with stuff from k-mart- leaving the "designer" section empty, but the rest of the store a hit-and-miss treasure trove. This generally means you can get great stuff for under $10 NZD. 

Anyway, there i was, half-heartedly flipping the t-shirts through, not expecting anything, just thinking- "fuck, who chooses the radio station in this place? the music is terrible!"- when there it was:

The Luella Pirate T-shirt of my DREAMS>

I hugged it to my chest really tightly before verifying that it actually WAS a Luella tee, then i paid for that thing as quick as i could (just in case some staffer came up and re-priced that sucker for $40 or something) and practically ran to my car, feeling a little giddy and lightheaded.  To most people, finding this ^  wouldn't be a big deal. But given that i'm:

a) A uni student, thus poor.
b) From New Zealand, where ebay doesn't usually ship for under 30 bucks (if at all).
c) Someone who lusts after completely unattainable items, i.e Luella shirts when nowhere in NZ stocks them. 

So i can only say that the stars must have been aligned that fateful day, bringing me into joyous union with Mr. Pirate. And though it doesn't get worn often (he is, how do i say.. delicate? much loved?), he marks my first EVER piece of designer clothing, and also marks the beginning of my addiction to thrift stores. He will never leave me. 

and yes i go back to the unnamed thrift outlet often (read: chronically), and have found other extreemely covetable items, due to the staffs' ignorance of major labels. oh well, more for me (she says gleefully)!


Now, Luella just happens to be one of my fav designers; and this quote from about her latest collection makes me love her even more:

"cute but always a little sick- that's my girl."

Apparently the collection was inspired by witches and shit (as you can see by the first look out!), and while this collection wasn't my most favourite ever, here are my personal picks!

This is making me want the funny hat she's wearing, not to mention the puffy skirt.

or, for that matter, this puffy skirt.

um excuse me? but this whole outfit is wicked sick.

all pics from

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just bought three pairs of shoes.
 all from my local Number One Shoe Warehouse, and all up costing $50 NZD. so, damn cheap. 

Anyway, I bought a pair of gold lace-up shoes (They say topshop inside, which is weird considering New Zealand doesn't have a topshop?. hmm) , a pair of knee high black suede-ish boots with studs, and a nice pair of simple brown boots. yup. all in readyness for my favourite season of all- Autumn.. which is till like 2 months away!

Sad Story

I was getting out of my car yesterday, when I found my favouritest necklace ever  crushed on the road.

The worst part? it was obviously ME who had driven over it in the first place, given that it was just behind my car wheel.  Now don't ask me WHY it was on the road to begin with, one can only assume that the words "3 am" and "tequila" will come up.

I've now been searching on etsy for a suitable replacement for my dear departed loved one. Given that the necklace in question was a second hand gold heart locket with an enamelled bluebird, you can see the kind of vibe I'm going for. Here are the contestants for this bizarre game of Lovematch....

First up: This cute brass envelope and "I love you" note necklace

Second: This gold heart and bird charm necklace (do you see me desperately trying to recreate the original?)

Third: This black tiny bunny necklace with heart charm 

Or, my mother suggested (as i was weeping on her shoulder about my lost treasure) 
 the Karen Walker Lion's Head necklace that i featured in a previous post. 

decisions, decisions. 

Stumbled upon..Maurie and Eve

As I was writing the preceeding post i stumbled upon these clothes by Australian label Maurie and Eve.

Adorable, no?

You can't tell, but those buttons are actually pyramid studs. Need i say more?

I WISH i had the guts to wear leather shorts man, but until that day comes, i'll be satisfied by wearing that ethereal white t-shirt dress. 

Now if you had told me yesterday that i would be lusting after a lilac painter's shift in less than 24 hours, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are.

and my favourite...

Yeah thats right, it IS a leather and crochet dress (the whole vest attached to dress thing gets me everytime, like that Alexander Wang one? drool.)

 I now need to figure out a way to make this myself. Oh god its just perfection.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ummm.. so this outfit is completely KICKASS.

 Look at those boots! The buckles! The colour of the hoodie! the buttons!


In case you're wondering, it's by Es Strella,  from their Autumn/ Winter 08 lookbook, which you can view online here

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Digital meets Analog

There is nothing I like more than a good mix tape (not a mix cd, an actual tape, thank you!), but in this age of MP3s and downloads it's difficult to find anyone who actually owns a cassette player (hell, i don't even own one anymore). 

Maybe its the fragility of the medium that gets me- one good stomp could crush that thing into smithereens! Or maybe it's just because I grew up buying shitty tapes from stores ($6.99 was more than 3 weeks of pocket money!) that I then treasured. Inevitably, I left them on the floor of my room and my mum then vaccuumed them up, much to my sorrow.

So anyway, when I read about this in the Jan/Feb issue of Russh magazine, I was so excited!
This company makes ipod cases from either 7" vinyl (for classic ipods) or- wait for it- cassettes (for ipod nanos)! You even get to choose which record/tape you want them to make your case out of! 

I would have definately chosen this slick black cassette. hell yeah.

You can go here to browse their selection then order one!


Went thrifting the other day and found this book with Lauren Bacall on the cover. Isn't it amazing? It's making me want to curl my hair and wear pink. sigh. she looks SO good. The colours of the cover are also just perfect. 

click for a nice high-rez version

Lions! (not tigers!, not bears!)

Lately i've been just a leeetle obsessed with lion jewelry. I think it might be a sickness actually,  but since right now i'm not exactly throwing around excess cash my wallet is safe from any purchases!

 If I were to buy one (instead of making one myself, which is a much more likely scenario), i would probably save up for the second Karen Walker one. This is partly because i love her, and partly because i have more faith in sterling silver to withstand repeated wearings/losings.

Dream Jacket Love Love

My own lameness astounds even me sometimes! The title of this post is what the jacket above (on the lovely lovely Lou Doillon) is bookmarked under on my favourites list. hmmmm.... i have a little bit of a thing for tuxedoes and tail coats and such, which is why this is so desirable to me!

I even navigated the french site ( that this is from and it is now sitting in my shopping cart just begging to be bought by me and worn like the eccentric that i am. 

Now if only i could get a boy like this to buy it for me then take me thrift shopping while we hold hands and drink coffee. 

Ok, ok, look so its valentines day soon! am i not allowed to dream!? sheesh.

pics from laredoute and

oh mala.

Mala Brajkovic (yeah, i have NO idea how to say her name either) is probably one of my favourite New Zealand designers. Her clothes generally make me want to cry with their cuteness, and her latest collection is awesomely entitled "Morski and Friends" (a past collection was named "Cyborgs rule, Ok?")! All this plus she makes one of the most inoffensive rompers ever to grace this earth. And i pretty much want everything below. 

Plus she has a really great website/store here (if anyone is in a gifting mood, i really want the snake "M" necklace.. so. cool). Also be sure to check out her house in one of the Press articles. It makes me want to become her best friend. 

All pics from Mala's website

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kazu Makino

Often when I'm listening to a band I really like,  I seek out pictures of them (from flickr or where-ever), usually to see whether their clothing style is as good as their music. Often this can lead to me being incredibly disappointed (Sia, I'm looking at you!), but sometimes it can lead to such gems as Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead.

Aside from being a kick-ass musician, this girl also has some awesome style going down. She seems to wear dresses onstage quite a lot, interspersed with slouchy shorts-and-top combos. Satin/lace/sheer fabrics make repeated appearances, as do delicate detailing like tiny buttons and embroidery. 

However most importantly, she rocks all the above in a feminine yet not girl-ish way, which makes her a girl after my own heart! for i love all that is a hard/soft mix.

Her dreamy aesthetic is, for me, summed up by Blonde Redhead's vid for their song 23 off the album of the same name- go here now!

All pics from Flickr