Thursday, March 6, 2008

CAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was amazing, and worth all of those exclamation points.  It was incredible. Me and my friend got there quite early and thus secured a place one row back from the stage. She cam on about 9:30, and proceeded to play straight for almost 2 hours. All my fav songs were there, including New York, New York, Ramblin' Woman, Metal Heart, Willie, The Greatest, The Moon, and Dark End of The Street. 

She was so into in and just a great performer, it was real without being artless and it was entertaining without being fake. She seemed really sweet too, and since last time she was in NZ she asked the crowd where to get some good crack, she said a little "thanks for letting me come back" a few songs in.   

Her and the band (Dirty Delta Blues) had an excellent repartee going on, especially Chan and the Keyboardist (i forget his name). They even had a quick illegal cigarette onstage together in the mid-show break, and seemed to have some cute little in-joke things going on. They even sang this little duet bit in the middle of one song. 

At the very end (after playing I've Been Loving You), she said thank-yous, blew kisses and waved and waved. Then she threw the set-lists into the crowd (after licking them!)- and i caught one! It was the best end to the best show i've ever been to. Amazing. At the end of the show my friend said he was now officially in love with her! And i was too. 

Thank you, Cat Power. We love you, please come back to New Zealand soon. 

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