Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Digital meets Analog

There is nothing I like more than a good mix tape (not a mix cd, an actual tape, thank you!), but in this age of MP3s and downloads it's difficult to find anyone who actually owns a cassette player (hell, i don't even own one anymore). 

Maybe its the fragility of the medium that gets me- one good stomp could crush that thing into smithereens! Or maybe it's just because I grew up buying shitty tapes from stores ($6.99 was more than 3 weeks of pocket money!) that I then treasured. Inevitably, I left them on the floor of my room and my mum then vaccuumed them up, much to my sorrow.

So anyway, when I read about this in the Jan/Feb issue of Russh magazine, I was so excited!
This company makes ipod cases from either 7" vinyl (for classic ipods) or- wait for it- cassettes (for ipod nanos)! You even get to choose which record/tape you want them to make your case out of! 

I would have definately chosen this slick black cassette. hell yeah.

You can go here to browse their selection then order one!

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