Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mid-week Treats: 26/03

mmm these are so tasty. Clickez to enlarge if you want a better peek.

1. Monkigirl space-print Kirsten Tee. Btw, go here for some great web design and delicious clothes.

2. Its the Opening Ceremony Bustier Dress, and its gorgeous. Its subdued colour palette balances out the whole cut-out-back-sweet-heart-neckline-poofy-skirt thing. 

3. Monkigirl Elsie Grandad Tee- for those days when to be gamine and parisian is all you want. 

4. The Acne Iman Lace-Up Bootie, that i posted before!

5. Monkigirl Grandma Shoe (drool, these are the perfect little bootie)


You know what makes my day? when bloggers from overseas care enough about us, their readers (who are ignorant, uneducated in other languages) to translate some or all of their posts into english! 

eep. first it was The Cherry Blossom Girl, then Moderniteter, and now, Le Blog de Betty! I love all their blogs even when they weren't in english, so now i'm over the moon.

Thanks guys!!!

Warm Days

Lately it's been pretty warm weather here, even though it approaching autumn time. 
So warm, infact, that I've been out without any tights on! 

So anyway, here's a cute little outfit inspired by the warmness of weather. 

all- Monkigirl
I've been lusting after some gladiator sandals (and already own a similar jacket)  so now i just need to procure myself an electric blue skirt......and i will look ADORABLE. 

Monday, March 24, 2008


I Heart Acne

no, no, not the skin ailment.
 I stalk the Acne Jeans website regularly for their (amazing) clothing, and their (also amazing) ad photography. 

Anyway, on Dreamecho's blog a couple of days ago i read about an interview with Acne's North American head woman- Louise Du Toit- over on La Garconne.

I went, i read, i'm in love. 

go! read! or, just peruse these photographs i screen capped from the site. don't she look cool?

She has wicked style, and the shoes she is wearing in the top photo are extremely KILLER, so.... I thought i'd try my first collage- ooooo!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome

Everyone knows the swedes have got it going on, so the fact that this woman from the Stockholm street style site looks wicked sick is nothing amazing. she does LOOK amazing though, right? check out the boots...

I have a brown  pair like this, but I need to repair them!  The boots can now talk to you, because the sole is peeling off....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

White On Top

Confession- about 80 % of my clothes are either black or white.

 black skirts, black jeans, white shirts, black dresses, white tees, black tees. It goes on and on. Sometimes i think i dress boring because of this, but then i realise- fuck, black and white looks great ALL THE TIME. 

These photos just prove it. Add some shiny shoes, an amazing necklace and some tousled hair and you're doing 100 km down the road to Hotville. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. He cost a paltry $2, and is always a conversation starter!


 from milk

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i would if i could

stop buying t-shirts, that is. I was thinking about the items of clothing that i buy most, and realised that it is actually tees.

This surprised me, given that i don't wear them more than anything else in my wardrobe. But apparently yes, it is the humble t-shirt which i own most of. At last count it was 35, most of which are either black or white.  Here is just a very small sample..

My favourites would have to be (obviously) my Luella one, as well as my Keith Haring one. My recent favourite is my Cat Power t-shirt which i bought from the show! yay for merchandise, i just can't resist. Which i probably why i have so many t-shirts in the first place.

wow. insight. 

Leigh Lezark

I first saw her in Teen Vogue, and was struck by:

 a) her supremely awesome death stare 
b) her style, which resembles mine in a few ways

So ages ago i decided to to ferret her out on TFS and the misshapes site, and found more images of her in great outfits, all with her "fuck-off" attitude in tow. 

mmm.. everything she wears is something i would wear, with the whole black-and white palette thing going on (something i employ- it makes it much easier to dress in the morning!), the attention to silhouette and texture and the dislike for overtly girly girl flounces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

For a long time my perfume was DKNY Be Delicious, which also happened to be the same one as all the other women in my family had (a good way to never run out, but not particularly original)

 Recently though, i bought Marc Jacobs Daisy on a bit of a whim, and it has grown on me a lot. Its fresh and sheer and lovely and girly (without being too girly) and i like the idea that it's in the spirit of the daisy (since the daisy flower doesn't have a scent).


Saw this great shot on Style Bubble and instantly fell in love. Ripped? Menswear? My own take is just below- I substituted a skirt, because i'm not really a trouser person.  These are two outfits which i already wear all the time, but seeing them side by side and on someone else makes me love them even more!

Patent. Leather. Love. Part II

Hmmmm... here they are, my lovelies. 

I am thinking about replacing the laces with other, nicer ones, perhaps ribbon? Not sure yet, but they are so hot. 

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm on a roll here.

Seriously. Went back to unnamed thrift outlet this morning, after work (again) and picked up a Vivienne Westwood tee and a Day Birger et Mikkelsen shirt for $12 all up.  In past trips i have also picked up a YSL shirt, and two Uniqlo artist tees (Barbara Kruger and Keith Haring- two of my favourite artists), a Kenzo Homme tee and a Karen Walker Mens tee. 

I think i have a bit of a thing for t-shirts, but really, who doesn't?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thriftstore, i laugh at you.

Hahaha. Those thrft outlet staffers have done it again. Trawling through the children's section, i found an authentic Comme Des Garcons "Play" T-shirt for $3. 

I think they heard me laughing a mile down the road.

Patent. Leather. Love.

I'm a menswear lover. Vests, Bow Ties, Tuxedo jackets, Blazers, i love it all. Thus it is only common sense that i love mens shoes also. Although i have fairly small feet, whenever i go thrifting i often find exceptionally small mens-style shoes which end up being my favourites. The little booties in a previous post are slightly manly, and i have a beautiful pair of  caramel leather brogues ($4), that i adore. 

Lately, i've been looking for a pair of high-heeled brogues, because i've been enjoying the little boost to my small stature.  After work today i went to Number One Shoe Warehouse, and was about to leave when these amazing shoes caught my eye. They are black patent leather high heel brogues.

 Sigh. It was love at first sight. 

Mine are very very similar to these from Forever 21

CAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was amazing, and worth all of those exclamation points.  It was incredible. Me and my friend got there quite early and thus secured a place one row back from the stage. She cam on about 9:30, and proceeded to play straight for almost 2 hours. All my fav songs were there, including New York, New York, Ramblin' Woman, Metal Heart, Willie, The Greatest, The Moon, and Dark End of The Street. 

She was so into in and just a great performer, it was real without being artless and it was entertaining without being fake. She seemed really sweet too, and since last time she was in NZ she asked the crowd where to get some good crack, she said a little "thanks for letting me come back" a few songs in.   

Her and the band (Dirty Delta Blues) had an excellent repartee going on, especially Chan and the Keyboardist (i forget his name). They even had a quick illegal cigarette onstage together in the mid-show break, and seemed to have some cute little in-joke things going on. They even sang this little duet bit in the middle of one song. 

At the very end (after playing I've Been Loving You), she said thank-yous, blew kisses and waved and waved. Then she threw the set-lists into the crowd (after licking them!)- and i caught one! It was the best end to the best show i've ever been to. Amazing. At the end of the show my friend said he was now officially in love with her! And i was too. 

Thank you, Cat Power. We love you, please come back to New Zealand soon. 

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Weakness.

So today was pretty much the perfect day:

Got up late, watched a bit of Gilmore Girls (that stuff is like catnip for me, man), went thrifting, bought some magazines. Pretty much the 4 things that make a great day!

So anyway, i used to buy books a lot,  but recently due to decreasing amount of non-busy hours, i've switched to buying magazines.  That andt he advent of Magnation opening stores in little old NZ. 

Today i bought... March Australia Vogue- i'm not a HUGE fan or anything (i like paris better!), but this drew me in with its free DVD of Lagerfeld Confidential. Yay for free things! plus i've really wanted to see that for ages. I watched it today, and it's really interesting- Karl comes off as being serious about his work but also very aware of his transience. hmm. Plus he turns out to be pro-prostitution, and makes the film-maker very uncomfortable when he dares to skirt arounf the word "homosexuality". Haha. He actually totally sasses the documentary guy.  

I also bought Lula Six, for joy and happiness, for i love Lula with a passion. Generally i would not class myself as a girly girl, but Lula makes me weak at the knees. Plus this had an article on Clemence Poesy, Feist AND Alison Mosshart, so I had to buy it. 

I'm taking it in little gulps right now, but i can see that this Lula is an excellent issue! Go buy it NOW if you haven't got it already. For serious. 

Friday, February 22, 2008


Is this not the same girl in my last post? It was posted by The Sartorialist in his column on style.com, a couple of days ago!