Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dream Jacket Love Love

My own lameness astounds even me sometimes! The title of this post is what the jacket above (on the lovely lovely Lou Doillon) is bookmarked under on my favourites list. hmmmm.... i have a little bit of a thing for tuxedoes and tail coats and such, which is why this is so desirable to me!

I even navigated the french site (laredoute.fr) that this is from and it is now sitting in my shopping cart just begging to be bought by me and worn like the eccentric that i am. 

Now if only i could get a boy like this to buy it for me then take me thrift shopping while we hold hands and drink coffee. 

Ok, ok, look so its valentines day soon! am i not allowed to dream!? sheesh.

pics from laredoute and style.com

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