Saturday, March 8, 2008

i would if i could

stop buying t-shirts, that is. I was thinking about the items of clothing that i buy most, and realised that it is actually tees.

This surprised me, given that i don't wear them more than anything else in my wardrobe. But apparently yes, it is the humble t-shirt which i own most of. At last count it was 35, most of which are either black or white.  Here is just a very small sample..

My favourites would have to be (obviously) my Luella one, as well as my Keith Haring one. My recent favourite is my Cat Power t-shirt which i bought from the show! yay for merchandise, i just can't resist. Which i probably why i have so many t-shirts in the first place.

wow. insight. 


cc-cat said...

I think your blog is great, and just wnated to tell you that NZ sells Luella! At Made (Customs St) and at Drop Dead Gorgeous (Newmarket), in Auckland. Also, whats the name of that cool thrift store? Please tell! I'm so sick of overpriced ones on K'Rd!

L said...

Thanks for the tip off! I love Luella endlessly. The unnamed thrift store is Savemart in New Lynn- sometimes you can get really amazing stuff, and sometimes it can be a dud, but its always interesting! My sister got a pair of new Cheap Monday's for $10!