Thursday, March 6, 2008

Patent. Leather. Love.

I'm a menswear lover. Vests, Bow Ties, Tuxedo jackets, Blazers, i love it all. Thus it is only common sense that i love mens shoes also. Although i have fairly small feet, whenever i go thrifting i often find exceptionally small mens-style shoes which end up being my favourites. The little booties in a previous post are slightly manly, and i have a beautiful pair of  caramel leather brogues ($4), that i adore. 

Lately, i've been looking for a pair of high-heeled brogues, because i've been enjoying the little boost to my small stature.  After work today i went to Number One Shoe Warehouse, and was about to leave when these amazing shoes caught my eye. They are black patent leather high heel brogues.

 Sigh. It was love at first sight. 

Mine are very very similar to these from Forever 21

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