Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mid-week Treats: 26/03

mmm these are so tasty. Clickez to enlarge if you want a better peek.

1. Monkigirl space-print Kirsten Tee. Btw, go here for some great web design and delicious clothes.

2. Its the Opening Ceremony Bustier Dress, and its gorgeous. Its subdued colour palette balances out the whole cut-out-back-sweet-heart-neckline-poofy-skirt thing. 

3. Monkigirl Elsie Grandad Tee- for those days when to be gamine and parisian is all you want. 

4. The Acne Iman Lace-Up Bootie, that i posted before!

5. Monkigirl Grandma Shoe (drool, these are the perfect little bootie)

1 comment:

annah said...

wow...I feel like i shouldn't, but i LOVE all of these...especially the shoes!